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General Questions

This is where we collect the most frequently asked questions together with answers, to give you a better insight into the university sport.

Which courses are offered?

The complete course offer can be found on our homepage (
We offer a variety of sports in the fields of ball sports and games, movement, fitness and health, martial arts and self-defence, outdoor and mountain sports as well as dancing.

Where do the courses take place?

We have different sports facilities where our courses take place. You will find the respective exact place on the homepage right next to the description of the sport.

How do I have to pay?

We have 2 payment options. You can either pay cash at the sports office during the opening hours or by transfer. The transfer information is automatically sent to the mail address stored in the system as soon as you register in the sports portal. Please note the correct usage ID.

What happens if I forget my password?

Through the "Request a password" function, you will receive a mail to the mail address you have stored with a new password.

How can I rent private sports facilities?

We rent out the sports hall North H4 and the gymnasium every semester. More information can be found here: “Sportstättenvermietung”

How do I get a certificate of participation for my health insurance?

For the participation certificate at individual sports courses or at the “UNIfit”, you have to go to the opening hours of the sports office with the respective form or bonus booklet. Some health insurance funds refund the full course fee depending on the course. For this please ask directly with the respective health insurance.

Questions about course applications

Who is allowed to participate?

Anyone who is referred to as §1 of our fee list as a user may participate.
Members of the university, visiting professors and scholarship holders of the university, without being a member, visiting members of the universities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm, staff of the university hospital and the student union Ulm, student members of other universities, who during a certain period of their studies At the university or research facilities co-operating with the university, without being enrolled in it, as well as staff members at research facilities cooperating with the university (e.g. HIU)
Access to the courses offered in the “Hochschulport” have all those who made the registration online or in the “Hochschulportbüro” and paid the corresponding fee within 10 working days and therefore have a corresponding confirmation for the respective events. Only regular registered persons are admitted to the sports facilities. A confirmation of the application must always be accompanied.

Do I have to register myself?

Yes. Participation in the sports courses is not possible without registration and payment.
There is no insurance cover without registration and payment.

How can I sign up?

The registration is carried out in accordance with § 5 of the currently valid fee schedule. The registration must be made before the first visit of the sports offer. Registration for participation in sport offers of the university sports is done electronically on the university's website. If electronic registration is not possible due to a case of hardship which is not the responsibility of the user, the application can be made personally in the office of the university sports; Guests always have to register in person.

How does online registration work?

For an online registration for our course offer you have to register first in the portal on our homepage. Then you can register on the respective page for the sports courses, as far as the registration period is released at this time.

When can I register?

Registration for the semester program normally takes place one week before the lecture starts at the University of Ulm. The enrolment is activated in a graduated manner, so that different courses take place online at different times.

Although the registration should be unlocked, I cannot sign up!

Please register first in the portal with your personal user data, only then will the course registration be available.

How does the guest registration work?

Guests must be a member of the Ulm University Association (UUG) in order to participate in the offer of the university sports. Registration for the courses takes place only in person at the “Hochschulportbüro”, where a non-liability declaration must also be signed. Guest registrations are only possible in courses which are not yet fully occupied by students and / or staff (please note: only if a participation fee is given for guests, the participation is possible!).

Questions about the course offer

Is the course fee a monthly or a semester amount?

There is a semester fee for the courses. This is paid once and you can then participate in the course for the entire semester. Exceptions are the “UNIfit” and workshops. For the “UNIfit”, the terms of contract agreed in the contract applies. For workshops there is a unique contribution, which is then valid for the respective workshop.

Can I attend the course without registration?

It is not possible to enrol without registration. A place on the waiting list (“Warteliste”) also does not entitle you to participate. Only those who have been correctly registered and paid are allowed to take part in the course offer.

Can I try out sports without obligation?

For reasons of insurance, it is forbidden to participate in courses where you have not registered and paid for.

What if a course is already booked? How does the waiting list (“Warteliste”) work?

If a course is already booked, there are several possibilities. The first option requires some patience, quick response to emails and a bit of luck: the waitinglist (“Warteliste”). Alternatively you can check in the course offer whether there is the same course again on another day or at another time and this still has free places. The third possibility is a similar course within the category, which still has free places but may not be completely identical.
If there are still vacancies in the course, you will get a nitification by mail. Those who register first at the “Sportbüro” get the place. Here it is a good idea to check your mail regularly at the first 3-4 semester weeks.

Is it possible to transfer to other courses?

A change to other course offers is possible within the same semester in principle. Please keep in mind that the desired course still has free places and the course fees must be the same. However, this is only possible in the first 14 days after the beginning of the course.

How long is the current program? Is it also in the semester breaks?

The times of the semester program are published every semester on the university website. Every semester there is a winter or summer break where no courses take place. This is also published on the homepage.
There is a holiday program for the semester breaks or the non-lecture period.

How and where do I know when course dates fail?

Each course has its own mailing list where you automatically become a subscriber once you are registered and paid for. If a course term fails, you can get this info as soon as possible either directly from the trainer or the sports office by e-mail. Please make sure you have entered the correct and current mail address in the portal.

What are the three prizes for the sport offer?

Since we have different user groups, different prices are also valid. The first prize is for students of the University of Ulm and the universities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm. The second prize is for employees who can participate in our offer according to the tariff schedule. The third prize is for all guests. (See also: “Gästeregelung”)

What is the cost of participation?

The prices vary according to user group and course offer. The exact details can be found on our homepage “Kurseite”.

What is the holiday program?

In order to be able to do sports in lecture-free time, we offer during the holiday program. We are guided by the lectures at the University of Ulm. For the holiday program there are reduced registration fees. The registration takes place as in the normal semester courses. All students who are enrolled for the semester program and who have paid for the course may participate free of charge at the same course in the following semester-free days.

Can I withdraw from the course?

In the event of cancellation after the registration for the sports offers of the university sports and the failure of the offers, the students are not entitled to reimbursement of the corresponding fee.
Exception: A claim for reimbursement exists only if offers do not come about and the users do not occupy another offer within the same pay group in the current semester or if the users withdraw due to illness. A withdrawal due to illness is only possible with a corresponding medical certificate. This must be available within one week after the start of the illness in the sports office. At the moment, at least 50% of the offered offers must be available for the offer concerned. A pro rata refund less a processing fee of € 5.00 can then be made.

Questions about UNIfit

How can I participate in the UNIfit?

In order to participate in the UNIfit, the non-profit fitness studio, you must first register personally in the sports office and pay the fees for this. There you then also get an appointment for the device instructions. Our qualified fitness trainer will then make a personal training with a coordinated training plan. After this you can train freely at the opening hours of the UNIfit.

Until when does the contract go to UNIfit?

The contracts are executed according to the time agreed in the contract and are not automatically extended. An extension is only possible in the sports office at opening times.