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General Information

Please note, we have changed a lot of things in 2016.
There are new conditions of use "Nutzungsbedingungen", a new tariff schedule "Entgeldordnung", a new fee list "Entgeldliste" and a new house regulation "Hausordnung". All of these are available online in German.

guest participation

Since the summer of 2005, guests are allowed to participate at university sports  (with exception of the fitness studio "UNIfit"), provided they are members of the ulm university society (UUG). The annual membership fee in the UUG currently amounts to € 50. UUG membership is renewable according to the statutes, regardless of the participation in sports offers. UUG registration forms are also available in the university sport.
Registration for the courses take place only in person at the Hochschulportbüro, where you have to sign a free of charge agreement. Guest registrations are only possible in courses which are not yet fully occupied by students and / or staff (please note: only if a participation fee is given for guests, participation is possible!).


Competitors who are interested in competing for the university of Ulm at an official contest, please contact our "Sportreferat". The dates of the competitions can be found at:
Registration for university championships is only possible through the sports office. The respective universities are responsible for individual notifications from the universities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm.