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sports program

Welcome to the sports offer of the university sports called "Hochschulsport".
You can find an overview of our courses here. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send a mail to hochschulsport (at)
The online registration for the sports courses are currently open.
From 31.10.16 onwards the renting of sports facilities is possible. For more information please come to our opening hours.

The guest registration for courses of the university sports is possible from 31.10.16 personally in the sports office " Hochschulsportbüro" (not online)

Please also note our new conditions of participation.

Running time of the winter sports program
The semester program takes place in the lecture period from 17.10.16 to 17.02.17.
The holiday program starts on 20.02.17 and ends on 14.04.17.
During the public holidays (01.11.16) and from 24.12.16 to 06.01.17, the UNIfit is closed and there are no sports courses. We also don't rent out any sports facilities during closing time.

We look forward to seeing you,

The university sports team

Please note:

Participation in the sports courses is not possible without registration and payment.
There is no insurance cover without registration and payment.
A place on the waitinglist does not entitle you to participate in the sport course.
Suitable sportswear (sports shoes, outerwear) is required to participate in the sporting activity.
Wristwatches and jewelery must be discarded and long hair has to be tied up so there is no danger for yourself or other participants.
Please make sure you wear only sporty glasses or contact lenses during exercising.